Beautiful crystal for holding, meditating with, carrying around with you.

It enhances grounding

Increases psychic skills

Encourages the rising of the kundalini through the chakras

Promotes energetic protection

Stimulates compassion

Helps you maintain focus

Aids in removing negative habits

Instills self-confidence and inner-strength – a personal empowerment stone

Promotes equality and integrity

Stabilizes energy

Banishes depression

Heals the eyes

Balances disorders of the reproductive system

Aids in the energetic healing of broken bones

Helps you succeed on tests and exams

Encourages success in business meetings



GoldenTigers Eye

  • All our crystals are individually clensed and come with reiki healing.  Please hold your crystal to your heart space and set an intention for it.  If you wish for personal healing or intention to be programmed to it please add instructions in the Add a note section.

    Clense your crystals regularly.