Treatment Options

Heal Your Body, Mind & Soul

Kundalini Reiki

Balance Your Chi

  A Kundalini Reiki session uses the mother Earths energy and universal energy to promote harmony and balance; it helps the body release stress and tension, negative or emotional energy held on by us and removes any blockages throughout your chakras, to create a natural balance between mind, body and spirit.


By providing a relaxing environment created for you we allow you to take time away to create a deeper connection with yourself whilst we heal your energy centres.

Sessions can either consist of a:

20 minute "hands-off" energy un-blockage (£40)

30mins "hands- on rebalance"  (£50)

45 minute "hands-on" energy rebalance with use of crystals & essential oils (£55)

Long distant Reiki Healing  (£35)

Super-Conscious Creating

Achieving the best version of yourself with a free consultation!

The system utilises the way your mind works best. For the most part, your brain is a product of the past. It has been shaped and moulded, to become a living record of everything you have learned and experienced up to this point.

These experiences create emotions, memories and behaviours that may no longer sit well with us.

The system we practice is a direct line to the sub-conscious and super-conscious.  Through meditation techniques and remedial hypnosis. It promotes instant positive change, in your everyday life, removing any suppressed negativity created from your life, restructuring a new you! 



Depression; addictions; low self-esteem; performance (exams/sports); ADHD, fears/ phobias; anxiety; public speaking; trauma; grief; menopause; eating disorders; sleeping issues; relationship issues; teeth grinding and anger management etc.



1 Session - £80 

  Move & Remove lesson.  - £50

Learn how to connect to your own subconscious - (group) £120 each

                                                                                                       - (individual) £160


Essentail Oils & Crystal Healling

An Ancient Science

 Essential oils have been used for thousands of years in various cultures.

Oils can affect the amygdala and other limbic parts of the brain that control our mood, emotions and beliefs.  We help you to release negative experiences.  


We help you: balance hormones; boost energy levels; improve immunity; maintain a healthy digestive system; lower blood pressure; become grounded and relax. Helping you to release blocked chakras.

The essential oils we use are pure and organic.  We use high-vibrational crystals placed on your energy centres, to provide a personalised treatment, which will leave your body and mind free and clear of worry and stress. We can even leave you with your own personal blend of oils to take home with you.


45 minute treatment (£60)

Personal Blend Roller Ball- (£8.00)